Advancing the Rule of Law Abroad
Essential reading for the foreign policy community.
G. John Ikenberry
Next Generation Reform

Named one of the best foreign policy books of 2012 by Foreign Affairs Magazine

Many of the United States’ most important foreign policy goals -- promoting markets, spreading democracy, fighting terrorism -- hinge on strengthening the rule of law in other countries. Europe and the United States have spent billions attempting to catalyze rule-of-law improvements within other countries. Yet despite the importance and the hard work of hundreds of practitioners on the ground, the track record of rule-of-law promotion has been paltry.

But a growing movement of second-generation reformers view the rule of law not as a collection of institutions and laws that can be built by outsiders, but as a relationship between the state and society that must be shaped by those inside the country. Kleinfeld makes a compelling case for new methods of reform that can have greater chances of success at helping these internal reformers and improving the rule of law.

“This book is impressive, thoughtful, and full of practical wisdom. Kleinfeld analyzes many of the challenges we faced in helping civilian rule-of-law development experts in Iraq and Afghanistan. This should be on the reading list of anyone preparing to perform rule-of-law work in a post-conflict setting.”

Brigadier General Mark Martins
U.S. Army