Let There Be Light
Let There Be Light front cover
By Rachel Kleinfeld and Andrew Sloan
This trail-blazing and deftly crafted little volume should and, I believe, will shatter the dysfunctional current approach to generating badly-needed electricity for the developing world and its energy starved poor.
R. James Woolsey
former Director of Central Intelligence and Venture Partner, Lux Capital
Electrifying the Developing World with Markets and Distributed Energy

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Providing electricity to the unlit and unstable parts of the globe is crucial to jump-starting development, improving the environment, and stabilizing fragile states that ferment many of today's security threats. Let There Be Light shows the failures of centralized electricity to meet these challenges - and describes how distributed, renewable energy such as solar and wind power can work. But, Kleinfeld and Sloan argue, it is not enough to harness the power of the elements. To scale, distributed energy must harness the power of the market. Taking on the major challenges that have impeded distributed energy's success, this book describes the roles development donors, social entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, the military, and the business world can play to make lighting the developing world a reality.

“This slender volume takes on big power. It not only shows that decentralized energy generation is a better bet, it shows how to make it work. In the process it summarizes a generation of social entrepreneurship with rare accuracy and clarity."

Bill Drayton

CEO, Ashoka: Innovators for the Publice