Speaking and Consulting

Rachel speaking in Australia

Rachel Kleinfeld appears regularly on television and radio in the U.S. and internationally, from the BBC and Australian Broadcasting Corporation to Fox & Friends. She has spoken at major public events and keynoted private conferences. She particularly loves podcasts.


A select group of appearances are below. For a more complete set of speeches, radio, and television appearances, visit Rachel's

Carnegie Endowment page.


A Savage Order, A conversation with the Santa Fe Council on International Relations | February, 2019

How Do We Fix It, A podcast repair manual for the real world January, 2019

A Science Salon on A Savage Order E-skeptic podcast  January 16, 2019

A Conversation with Rachel Kleinfeld The World Justice Project December 21, 2018

The Most Violent Places Are Not at War Think with Krys Boyd, KERA, Texas NPR | December 5, 2018

Why Are Some Societies So Violent - and How Can They Be Made Safe? Carnegie Endowment Video  | November 19, 2018

A Savage Order Carnegie Council on Ethics Podcast with Devin Stewart | November 7, 2018

Effective Protest and Resistance in the Trump Age The Good Fight Podcast with Yascha Mounk | October 25, 2017

What a Trump Presidency Means for the Rule of Law and Populism Carnegie Endowment Podcast with Tom Carothers and Tom Carver  | November 30, 2016

A World History of Political Violence Carnegie Council on Ethics Podcast with Devin Stewart  | June 29, 2016

Back from the Brink: How Some of the World's Most Violent, Corrupt, Crime-Infested Countries Have Bounced Back  CASBS Speech | February 23, 2016

Populism, Inequality, and Violence Eurasia Foundation | December 19, 2016

Energy Security for Industrial Development Industrial Strategies for a Data Driven World | Executive Summit 2011